Apple’s new iPads: The Ultimate model with pro features for professional People


A refreshed iPad and an updated iPad mini were announced by Apple, but when it comes to a Pro Users device, it must be enthusiastic about everything in the favor of mini. Two new iPads were announced at the September 14 event, and for business users. The choice between these models is clear: it is the newly redesigned iPad mini on the ipad refreshing.

That does not mean that the new ipad is not worth taking a look, but do not expect it to appear different from the previous iPad model: it is physically identical with some improvements under the hood. A bionic A13 chip do it works three times faster than a ChromeBook and 6 times faster and effective than the fastest Android tablets, Apple said.

A new camera versus the front offers the stage of the Function Center previously iPad Pro-Only to the iPad, which is possibly the most useful feature for professional users who want to spend low amount of money on a new iPad: and this starts at $ 329 .

The new iPad Mini: the iPad Pro features experience in a little package

Apple’s design paradigm that started with the iPad Pro has found its way throughout its mobile product line (with the exception of the Apple clock), and the new Mini iPad is no exception. Its plans of flat aluminum, curved edges and camera bezel make the new mini look like a large iphone 13.

Apart from the looks, the new iPad mini packed a lot of features that make it work less like a large iPhone, and more like an iPad Pro that can fit in a large pocket. That only must have the interest of professional users who want a powerful device that is smaller than the Pro models of 12.9 “or 11”. If you do not, these five features can help seal the agreement.

Same footprint, more power

The new mini iPad has the same footprint as the last one above 8 “by 5.3”, but the new thing is the contact ID button is gone now embedded on the power button with large bezels design which looks good or which have given way to a front display as like as the iPhone and new iPad models.

In addition to the improved screen and design are the A15 Bionic chip, the same new one in the iPad series 13. According to Apple, the Bionic A15 will give the mini an increase of 40% in the performance of the CPU, an increase of the 80 % in the performance of the GPU and a faster machines learning faster thanks to a new version of the neuronal engine.

Apple demonstrated the learning features of the machine with its new application application on iPad 15 that uses the A15 to provide a real-time conversation translation, which could serve travel professionals who want a powerful, but portable, portable device.

USB C for faster data transfers

The rays port has gone on the new Mini iPad, and instead is a USB C port that is sure to provide relief to the tired of transporting innumerable cables.

Apple said that the USB C port in the new Mini would provide 10 times data transfer speeds, as well as enable a lot of USB c peripherals such as cameras, ultrasonic portable units and other hardware.

Central scene in the front camera.

Like the ipad refreshing, the mini is obtaining a 12 MP width forward camera with a 122 ° field of vision that enables the central scenario, the automatic learning function that tracks users moving within the FOV of the iPad.

For professional people traveling and need a portable device, the center can be a fantastic feature, as long as the software they are using for their meetings. Fortunately, Apple said the central scenario admits Zoom, BlueJeans, Webex and even social networking applications such as Tiktok.


There is not much more to say about the iPad mini get 5g to say yes, it has it. This contrasts with the new iPad, which is still limited to LTE, which makes it more difficult to recommend business users.

Apple said that his 5G chip in the mini will be able to admit download speeds of up to 3.5 GB per second, which said it makes it an ideal field device for technicians and other professionals who need a 5G device that falls between the iPhone and a larger iPad Pro.

Second Generation Apple Pencil Support

The Apple pencil comes in two models: the first and second generation. The new Mini iPad admits the last generation, which means that it has the same pencil with the same capabilities as the iPad Pro. In an additional feature similar to the iPad Pro, the second generation apple pencil is magnetically adjusted next to the iPad mini to be recharged wirelessly.

The new Apple iPads: Availability

The new iPad and iPad Mini are available to apply for Apple online store today, and both will be sent, and will be available at the store, September 24.

The iPad Mini starting price is $ 499, and the regular iPad, as mentioned above, starting at $ 329. The mini has optional 5G cell capacities, and that model begins at $ 649.

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